Guarding your home from the elements, our protective roof installations provide strength and durability.

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Protective Roof Installation

The roof is arguably the most important element of any structure because it protects the home or business from weather exposure and damage. So, prevent damage to this integral part of your structure with roof installation from our company. QW is one of the area's most highly rated roofing contractors, praised by commercial and residential clients alike. And, all new roof installs come with installation guarantees by QW!

A Strong Roof Overhead

A roof doesn't have to be boring in appearance or lacking in functionality. We offer roofing in a variety of different styles and colors, and we can provide samples when you request an estimate. Let us improve your home or building with:
Commercial Roofing
Industrial Roofing
Residential Roofing
Roof Inspections
New Deck Installation
Leak Detection & Repairs
Roof Decking
Attic Ventilation
Replacement Roofing
Composite Roofs
Storm & Wind Damage Repairs
Shingle & Tile Replacement
Vinyl Siding
Commercial & Residential Gutters
Window Replacement

Types of Roofing:

Flat Roof Modified Rubber Bitumen
Corrugated Roof Systems
Architectural Asphalt Shingle
Metal Roofs / Standing Seam / Max Rib & More.

Brands We Use:

Solar Seal
Owens Corning Duration Shingles
Synthetic Underlayment
GAF Commercial Roofing Products
GAF Timberline
& More

Roof Surfacing Coatings

Every type of roofing offers protection from the elements. However, you can increase your roof's protective qualities with roof surface coatings. These barriers provide ultimate defense from hail, rain, sunlight, and other physical threats. We are skilled at applying coatings that include:
Fiber & Non-Fiber Aluminum
Thermoplastic (Colors Are Optional)

Preventive Services

All signs of wear and tear don't necessarily mean your roof needs replacing. Extend the life of your structure's damaged roof with routine roof maintenance and repairs--we recommend taking advantage of this service every 3-5 years.